We design society. Our social design label manufactures high-quality items and employs socially disadvantaged people. Too good to be true? No way!

We design society

Bridge&Tunnel brings together professional design and people from the neighborhood with nimble hands. We manufacture fair and locally. For our design we use post-consumer waste. Therefore each of our products is unique, as are our employees. We give valuable material resources a new life in style and men and women from around the world a fulfilling and empowering job.

Bridge&Tunnel designs accessories and interior design products. Collection # 1 : Denim Love includes high quality hand and travel bags, carpets and pillows.

that's how it works

Wir verwenden für unsere Produkte ausschließlich recycelte Materialien.
Näherinin Mandeep. Fotoshooting aufgenommen für die Bertelsmann Stiftung für das Magazin change 2/2016.

Strong material:
We use recycled materials which are simply too good to go to waste.

Strong people:
A team of women and men from the neighborhood manufactures our products and is fully educated for production.

Strong design:
Each collection is created from a new recycled material, in collaboration with a new designer .


Bridge & Tunnel is Fellow of Social Impact Start and winner of „Hidden Movers Award“ of Deloitte-Foundation. 2015 the German Government honoured Bridge&Tunnel with the „Kultur- und Kreativpiloten Deutschland“  award. 2016 Bridge&Tunnel got honoured as „Ausgezeichneter Orte im Land der Ideen“ – a joint initiative of the German government and German industry / BDI .

Make a change. Design society!