We design society

Bridge&Tunnel is all about 2nd chances. Since 2016, our social fashion label has been working with socially disadvantaged people and refugees in the heart of Hamburg. Both are united by their enormous craftsmanship beyond certificates and diplomas. And the realization: if you work, you get to know people. And those who work feel needed.

Our designs also tell of 2nd chances. Our denim designs are created from post- & pre-consumer waste. The former primarily refers to used textiles or textiles that are too worn out for distribution points. To this end, we maintain great material cooperations with the Kleiderkammer Wilhelmsburg or Hanseatic Help - and many private individuals now send us their favorite old jeans. With pre-consumer waste, we use surplus materials such as dyeing or weaving samples that are already generated during production. We use these textile resources to produce high-quality denim accessories, home textiles and selected fashion pieces. B2B we also process other textile remnants such as remnants, samples or advertising materials for customers.

In this way, we help valuable material resources to a new life in style and hopeful talents from all over the world to a fulfilling job with recognition.

Bridge&Tunnel is an impact company. Our actions are guided by the primary goal of having a socially and ecologically sustainable impact. With every purchase of our products, you contribute to putting even more socially disadvantaged people into work.

Building Bridges

The name Bridge&Tunnel refers not only to the island location of our production site in Wilhelmsburg, which can only be reached via bridges or the Elbe tunnel. We want to build bridges to the primary labor market. To do this, we rely on the expertise and motivation of the men and women who work for us. After all, it is their stories that make our products - all of which are unique - so unique.

Our multinational Team is provided with close support. We provide help with visits to the authorities, clarify legal issues or even look for an apartment. We have professional instructors on board to help with technical issues. We manage the training and subsequent employment of the women and men in close cooperation with the relevant job center. We also organize language coaching sessions to help them develop their language skills.

Our goal? All proceeds should continue to flow into the enterprise in the future. In this way, we will create more jobs for socially disadvantaged people. And secure those of our current team.


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