we design society

Bridge&Tunnel stands for design that changes society. Our label produces sustainably and equitably: in the middle of Hamburg with socially disadvantaged people as well as with refugees who just recently arrived in Germany. Both are united by an immense craftsmanship beyond certificates and diplomas. Which lead us to the realization: Who works gets in touch with other people. And whoever works feels needed.

Our denim design is created from post- & pre-consumer waste (old textiles and material excess). Valuable material resources for us that we present in a minimalistic style for our customers.  When we use pre-consumer waste, we use rejects, i.e. textiles that are too worn out for distribution points. Thus we help valuable material resources to be reborn in a fresh style and assist promising talents from all over the world to find a fulfilling job with appreciation.

Building Bridges

The name of our label Bridge&Tunnel refers not only to the isle-like location of our production site Wilhelmsburg, which can only be reached via bridges or the Elbe Tunnel. We want to build bridges to the primary labor market. To achieve this, we rely on the expertise and motivation of the men and women who work for us. Because it is their stories that give our products life –ever unique – and one-of-a-kind.

We closely accompany our multinational sewing team. We provide assistance in dealing with authorities, clarify legal issues or even help them look for an apartment. For technical questions we have professional instructors on board. The qualification and later employment of the women and men is carried out in close cooperation with the responsible jobcentre. On top of that we organize language coaching for language development. (Because language is the key to a successful integration and an overall better understanding)

Our goal? In the future all proceeds are to benefit the company. In this way, we create additional jobs for socially disadvantaged people and secure those of our current team.