About us

There are passionate people behind Bridge&Tunnel. The label is managed by us, Lotte and Conny. As founders of a social business that moves between worlds, so to speak, we have to be generalists and specialists in equal measure. As a qualified textile designer, Lotte is the expert for design and production. Conny has a doctorate in cultural studies and deals with communication, social media, fundraising and cooperation. We call that Home Secretary and Foreign Minister. But what connects us most is our rocket-like enthusiasm for making the world a little better one step at a time.

Our production team

Through many unique encounters in Wilhelmsburg, we quickly realized that testimonials are not everything in life. They often help us to learn something about the person behind them. But often they don't. Many of our employees either have no certificates or have had difficulties finding a job on the primary labor market due to their age, language, religion, deafness or history of flight. Yet many of them bring with them creative skills and abilities from their home countries or their family context that are of great benefit to textile production. We call this "talents over diploma".

Kathrin is a trained ladies' tailor and rocked the costume department on a large ship for many years before joining us. As production manager, she leads our great team.


Mandeep comes from India and has lived in Germany with her family for 17 years. Mandeep worked in a sewing workshop in India. She has lived with her family in Wilhelmsburg for many years. Read more about Mandeep here.


Svetlana was born in Russia and is deaf. In Germany, she first had to learn to use sign language in German. She communicates easily with our team using lip-reading or sign language. Read more about Svetlana here.

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Idowu ist ausgebildete Schneiderin und Modedesignerin. In Nigeria war sie Besitzerin einer eigenen Boutique, bevor sie vor 15 Jahren mit ihren Töchtern nach Deutschland kam. Mehr über Idowu lest ihr here.


Alice came to Germany from Ghana 10 years ago. She had already worked there as a seamstress and cook. She has been supporting our team since June 2019. You can read more about Alice here.


Zeliha was born in Turkey and learned to sew as a 12-year-old girl. Since the age of 17, she has regularly made small alterations to the clothes of all family members. Read more about Zeliha here.


Saziye was born in Turkey and has worked as a seamstress for many years, since the age of 13 to be precise. She has now lived in Germany for more than 20 years.


Kristina has been on board with us since November 2023. She is a trained decorative seamstress and luckily ended up with us as part of a vocational rehabilitation program. Very important: Kristina loves the color pink.


Overhead Team

It takes a village to raise a child ... or a company. We are very grateful to have great women in our company who help us to advance the issue of fair fashion production.

Nothing is possible without them: Ilka has been actively supporting us in the overhead as a student worker for many years. The budding clothing technician helps with dispatch, bookkeeping, production organization and photo production.


Pheline first did an internship with us, then we couldn't let her go. Since 2022, she has been actively supporting us as a student trainee in overhead and accounting. She can also regularly be seen in front of our photo lens.

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Our Supporters

We are very happy that we were able to find great supporters for Bridge&Tunnel who believe in our company as much as we do! Their help is essential for us to secure jobs for our production team and to take the next steps. Thank you Aurubis and thank you to our private investor!

Some of our jobs are funded by the Ministry of Labor, Health, Social Affairs, Family and Integration.

Bridge&Tunnel Aurubis

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