Our mission

Bridge&Tunnel stands for design that changes society. Our label produces sustainably and fairly: in the middle of Hamburg with socially disadvantaged people as well as refugees who only recently came to Germany. Both are united by the enormous craftsmanship beyond certificates and diplomas. And the realization: Those who work get to know people. And those who work feel needed.

Our denim design is made from post- & pre-consumer waste (old textiles and surplus material). Valuable material resources for us, which we present in a stylish way. For pre-consumer waste, we use rejects, i.e. textiles that are also worn out for distribution points. For this purpose we maintain great material cooperations with the Wilhelmsburger Kleiderkammer or Hanseatic Help. In this way we help valuable material resources to a new life in style and hopeful talents from all over the world to a fulfilling job with recognition.

Bridge&Tunnel Team Arbeit Werkstatt Fair Fashion

Building bridges

The name of our label Bridge&Tunnel does not only refer to the island location of our production site Wilhelmsburg, which can only be reached via bridges or the Elbe tunnel. We want to build bridges into the first job market. To achieve this, we rely on the expertise and motivation of the men and women who work for us. After all, it is their stories that make our products so unique. We support our multinational sewing team closely. We provide assistance in dealing with the authorities, clarify legal issues or even look for an apartment. We have a professional instructor on board to answer any questions about craftsmanship. The qualification of the men and women is done in close cooperation with the german Jobcenter. And we organize language coaching for further language development.

Our goal? In the future all proceeds shall flow into the company. In this way we create more jobs for socially disadvantaged people. And secure those of our current team.

Our Team

Behind the brand Bridge&Tunnel we have passionate people. The young label is managed by us, Hanna Charlotte Erhorn (Lotte) and Constanze Klotz (Conny). And every single day we are happy to accompany our hard-working team joyfully watching it grow and flourish.

As founders we have to be both: generalists and specialists. Whereas Lotte has a degree in textile design and is an expert in design and production, Conny holds a doctorate in cultural studies and is responsible for communication, fundraising and cooperation. We call them Minister of the Interior and Minister of Foreign Affairs. What unites us most, however, is our rocket-like enthusiasm for making the world a little better – step by step.

Bridge&Tunnel Team Arbeit Werkstatt Fair Fashion

But we wouldn’t be anything without our production team.  Through many unique encounters in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg, it quickly became clear to us: Even though many of our team members have not been able to find a job in Germany yet, many of them bring creative abilities and skills which they have learned in their home countries and can be of great use for our textile production:

Asiye is a trained garment technician, responsible for cuts and fit and accompanies our production team as an instructor. // Mandeep comes from India and has been living with her family in Germany for 11 years. Mandeep worked in a sewing workshop in India // Sayed, born in Afghanistan, moved with his family from Iraq to Hamburg in 2013, where he worked as a men’s tailor. // Svetlana was born in Russia and is deaf. With our team she communicates easily via lip-reading or sign language. // Born in Nigeria, Idowu is a trained tailor and fashion designer who has run her own boutique for many years. Since 2003 she has been living in Germany with her daughters. // Alice came to Germany from Ghana 10 years ago. There she had already worked as a tailor and cook. Since June 2019 she supports our team. // Zeliha was born in Turkey and learned to sew as a 12-year-old girl. Since she was 17 she has been making small changes to the clothes of all family members

Since 2016, we have regular support from women and men with recent escape history from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. You can read more about this on our Facebook page.

Supported by:

We are very happy that we could find great supporters for Bridge&Tunnel who believe in our company as much as we do! Your help is essential for us to be able to offer jobs to our team  and to take the next steps. A special Thank you to Aurubis and to our private investor!